Blue Nile Camping

Stay above the beautiful Blue Nile Falls

About Us

Welcome to Blue Nile Camping. We offer accomodation, warm hospitality and refreshments located directly above the Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia’s greatest waterfall, and a unique oppurtunity to experience traditional “back to the roots” Ethiopian living.

Blue Nile Camping was founded in 2017 by Temesgen and his Farenji brother David and is the first and only accommodation located near the wonderful Blue Nile Falls.Built on the idea of allowing tourists to embrace the Garden of Eden-esque serenity of the fertile lands adjacent to the majestic river Nile, we hope to take you back to a more simple way of living not often enjoyed in this modern world.Whether staying in one our traditional huts or pre-pitched tents or whether you just visit for a coffee, a glass of Ethiopia’s best Tej or to chew our home-grown khat, a visit to Blue Nile Camping is a must and is bound to enhance your visit to our beautiful falls.


At Blue Nile Camping we offer a variety of accomodation choices

Traditional Huts

We are currently building traditional Ethiopian mud huts which will sleep 2 people. The first will be ready very soon. Watch this space!!!

Pre-pitched Tents

Taking the effort out of camping, our pre-pitched tents come equipped with mattresses and bedding to provide a comfortable night’s sleep whilst you fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the Nile flowing and the falls crashing.

Tents available sleep between 2 and 4 people and are priced from 250Birr/8USD a night depending upon occupancy.

Your Own Tent

Of course we also invite the intrepid explorers amongst you to bring your own tent. Pitching is charged at 100Birr pppn.


Blue Nile Camping is located right at the top of the falls next to the river! We couldn’t be any easier to find!

For all travel we strongly suggest ringing in advance to avoid disappointment as no other accommodation is available nearby. Please call Temesgen on +251 90 502 6236 He will be able to advise you on all travel.

Busses, mini busses and private hire vehicles are all available from nearby Bahir Dar (30km). We can also organise airport transfers.

From Bahir Dar you will need to travel to the village of Tis Abay, where the road ends and the wilderness begins. Here you will find the tourism office where a small entrance fee to the falls is payable (50birr).

From there we will meet you and take you to the boat station for a trip across the river . From here we are a 200m walk. We will be happy to carry your bags and can provide a donkey for heavier loads.

What we offer

Food, Drink and Khat

Take shelter from the sun and relax in the cool comfort of our grass-roofed gazebo. Our waitress will be more than happy to perform a coffee ceremony for you or you can try what we have been told is Ethiopia’s best Tej (honey wine)! We also offer tea and soft drinks and if mother has visited, she always brings us a calabash of cow’s milk.

We can offer seasonal traditional dishes all cooked on a wood fire. Much of our produce is grown on site and what isn’t comes from our friends’ farms nearby. The most social way to spend the day is to do like the locals do, drink coffee, chew khat and share stories. You sit back and relax and we will pick it fresh from the bush for you.

Bird and Leopard Watching

Around the campsite there is lots of wildlife and numerous colourful bird species, many endemic to Ethiopia and often looking as if they belong in Jurassic Park. In the evening Serval Cats (leopard-like big cats) leap across the river within metres of the Campsite to hunt small birds and mammals. Further up the river it is possible to spot crocodiles in the water on basking in the banks. As long as you are respectful, all the wildlife is safe to be around.

Trek to Wonkshet

Take a guided hike over mountain tops allowing you to take in the stunning view of the Nile Valley or more gentle walk along the river to Wonkshet Monastery.

Wonkshet is a place of healing built around a collection of holy springs by the remarkable and internationally-lauded priest, Abey Yohannes. Hundreds of faithful live in makeshift dwellings around the monastery, waiting to be cured by the holy water and Abey Yohannes. The healing showers are taken in the morning and will cure anything from skin conditions to H.I.V as well as ending 15 year pregnancies and expelling demons! It is a mysterious and revered place only to be believed with your own eyes. Half day guided treks are available for 300birr per person.

Evening Campfire

As dusk falls over the falls. The sounds of bird call change to the calls of insects and other nocturnal life. Slowly stars will begin to appear in the sky before it is suddenly full with more than anyone could count. There is little in this world that beats sitting under a still African sky at night with only the glow of a campfire and the light of the moon to break the darkness.


David has insisted on building a “farenji-friendly” toilet, which we are sure many of you will be pleased to hear! Still fitting in with our eco mindset it is still a long way from the ceramic bowls of the Hilton but it is comfortable, clean and has a seat!


As we have no electricity other than a solar charger for your mobile phone or camera, we are unable to offer a conventional shower. However we cannot recommend enough the experience of washing in a private part of the Nile as the locals do. The feel of the tepid water flowing over your body before continuing its journey all the way to the Mediterranean providing life to millions is a wonderful feeling.


The campsite is manned 24/7 by staff and we have a night watchman for extra security at night.

Contact us

If you want to find out more or make a booking use the details below or the form

Phone: Ethiopia +251 90 502 6236 (Temesgen)

Europe +44 7912 609 545 (David)